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MIGAS brings OVER 30 years’ experience to recruiting, training and retaining staff in the Australian skilled trades sector.



MIGAS provides an end-to-end solution for the recruitment, placement and ongoing management of high quality apprentices and trainees right through to completion.

This enables employers to completely outsource the ongoing management of their apprentice and trainee workforce.

MIGAS offers your business a complete solution for skilled labour force requirements by providing enthusiastic, reliable apprentices and trainees. Partnering with MIGAS reduces administrative time and the burden of the recruitment process because we take care of every aspect from commencement through to completion.

We understand that no two projects are the same and offer a team of experts who will work hand in glove with you to ensure a smooth transition of staff into your work site.



Here for you and your apprentice or trainee from commencement to completion.



We know that each organisation has its own unique challenges and capabilities. The MIGAS business development team will consult with you to understand outcomes, timeframes, budget and any nuances around workforce diversity and development.

Once the brief is clear and the outcomes are determined, our expert recruiters will review our existing candidate pool and launch a campaign to generate high quality applicants for identified positions in the relevant trade types and locations. Suitable candidates are screened and tested, then presented for interview.

Successful applicants are guided through an induction process that highlights relevant procedures and policies alongside health and safety obligations. A MIGAS Field Officer is on hand to assist new employees to transition into your workplace or worksite.

Your dedicated Field Officer is a direct line of communication to MIGAS. We believe in robust conversations, honesty and transparency – that means we can help deal with issues and set both you and the apprentice and trainee up for success. Field Officers are there to relieve the pressure of dealing with typical administrative and performance related matters for your apprentice or trainee workforce.

MIGAS also provides a free 24/7 counselling service for apprentices and trainees.

Under the Australian apprentice and trainee model individuals undertake an accredited vocational qualification while gaining on the job experience in your workplace. We take on all organisation of these training requirements and ensure you’re aware of time required offsite. Our Field Officers can work with you to customise a training schedule that suits your business and staffing requirements.

Should your work site or project require relevant licences (such as a white card) or specialised tickets, MIGAS will make all arrangements.

Our employer services include:

  • Handling of all Government paperwork and incentives

  • Complete signup and administration

  • Payroll processing and timesheets

  • Supply of uniforms/boots/basic PPE


About Group training

A skilled, flexible workforce when you need them, where you want them.




As an accredited Group Training Organisation (GTO), MIGAS contractually employs apprentices and trainees, and facilitates all aspects of their training with their host employer and the Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Group training is especially suited to businesses that do not have the time or resources to undertake all the functions involved in an apprenticeship or traineeship, or who require flexibility around the placement and rotation of their workforce. Apprentices and trainees can be rotated between host employers, offering training in a range of skills.

The GTO organises off-the-job training with TAFE or a preferred RTO. We also looks after wages, worker’s compensation and other employee benefits, as well as providing mentoring and support.

MIGAS is a one-stop-shop for advice and assistance for young Australians seeking the right apprenticeship or traineeship specialisation. It’s our role to understand what type of training and employment each person is seeking, and match them with the right host employer.



efficient and collaborative recruitment solutions.



The MIGAS Recruitment and Selection Methodology is rigorous and includes a mix of pre-screening tools and processes to set both the client and trainee or apprentice up for a successful and productive placement.

We believe transparency is critical in the job seeker approach, and so our recruitment team ensures prospective apprentices and trainees understand the day-to-day requirements and potentially confronting practical elements of the role.

MIGAS’s capability to produce and implement highly targeted and cost effective recruitment marketing campaigns is second to none in the GTO sector. Our team leverages its experience in digital and social media marketing strategies to promote job opportunities to customised audiences by location, education, interests, age group and lifestyle.

We take a collaborative approach to working with clients, in conjunction with our recruitment experts. We are able to create and design co-branded marketing collateral assist with the promotion of joint large or small scale projects. In doing so we create a clear brief to taking into account any important legislative requirements, diversity outcomes and specific industry practices to ensure the message is on brand and reaches the right audiences.


apprentice and Trainee Care


A hallmark of the MIGAS service model is the way in which we care for, monitor and support our widespread apprentice and trainee workforce.

We are committed to providing strong support to enable our apprentices and trainees to excel in an apprenticeship, traineeship or school-based opportunity.

We believe that this supportive environment gives our future tradespeople the best possible head start in their career – and provides our host employers with staff that are productive, reliable and ready to contribute.

 Through our on the ground team of Field Officers, MIGAS provides the following workforce support:

  • One-on-one mentoring

  • Non-vocational assistance to include guidance and support to the apprentice or trainee, family members and their communities particularly for Indigenous apprentices or trainees

  • Performance and behavioural management

  • Issue resolution by regularly assessing performance and responding to issues quickly and efficiently, identifying solutions and achieving desired outcomes

  • Providing regular communication and progress reports to site supervisors and other managerial stakeholders

  • Our support framework is delivered with a focus on the adherence to WHS standards



The health and safety of our workforce is our highest priority.



Safety is at the heart of our business and shapes the decisions we make. We talk meaningfully about safe practices and attitudes at every level of the organisation. For us, safety is not just “ticking a box” - we personalise safety outcomes and intimately understand our role in preventing and eliminating risks and hazards.


MIGAS is nationally accredited to safety standard AS/NZS 4801:2001. It is our job to ensure our apprentice and trainee workforce:

  • Enjoys a safe and healthy workplace

  • Works with safe and considered systems under qualified supervision

  • Only uses plant, equipment and substances which are provided in a continually safe and operable condition

  • Has access to up to date and relevant safety information

  • Participates in a thorough induction and orientation

  • Receives ongoing support to Stop, Think, Act and Review safety in their workplace

MIGAS conducts thorough risk assessments on all worksites prior to placing apprentices and trainees on-site. We work closely with our host employers to explore practical solutions, and implement safety measures to ensure our employees are entering a safe work environment.

Our aim is to ensure all employees go home to their loved ones at the end of their work day.



We believe an investing in a diverse workplace creates an engaged and sustainable workforce that can future proof your business.



MIGAS employs a number of Indigenous and female apprentices throughout Australia who are tracking to successfully maintain their employment through to completion of their trade qualification.

We have invested in the learning and development for our Field Staff by way of cultural awareness to increase their understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and develop the skills to become culturally competent at both a personal and professional level.

MIGAS provides intensive post placement support with apprentices or trainees and their supervisors. Our Field Officers are skilled at quickly identifying issues that may affect our apprentices or trainees and have the communication skills and techniques to work to resolve problems before they escalate.

We recognised each individual is different and some require different support depending on their personal circumstances and prior work history. Our Field Officers are experienced in identifying where further support may be required and will seek additional support for apprentices or trainees from our external Employee Assistance Program specialists when necessary.

We also recognise and include family, friends and community as part of the holistic approach to coaching young people through their apprenticeship or traineeship and we are able to tap into and ensure support mechanisms are in place for our apprentices.



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