Austube Mills: Australia’s largest pipe manufacturer clocks up 10 years with MIGAS

MIGAS brings 30 years’ experience to recruiting, training and retaining staff in the Australian skilled trades sector.


Following a disappointing experience with another GTO, Austube Mills brought MIGAS on board in 2006 to recruit, manage and nurture the apprentices placed with its team, and hasn’t looked back since. 

Site Operations Manager Darren Newbegin said Austube Mills’ close relationship with MIGAS had proved to the company as a whole that taking on apprentices was great for business.

“MIGAS has placed six fantastic apprentices with us over the course of our relationship. One of our school-based apprentices Josh was so impressive we took him on as a full time fitter and turner. He gained a breadth of experience across different parts of our plant as an apprentice, and today he is an integral member of the business as the Service Technician for our Acacia Ridge Plant,” said Darren.

“We have had such positive experiences with MIGAS we would actually consider increasing the number of apprentices on our books moving forward.”

Darren said he thought of MIGAS as a one-stop-shop for the business’ apprenticeship needs and appreciated the one-onone mentoring, support from its dedicated field officer and the industry leading workplace health and safety programs provided.

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Service Technician and completed MIGAS apprentice Joshua on the job promoting Austube Mills' motto created to engender a positive and supportive team culture.

“We found it quite arduous managing the other GTO we worked with, but we have always received great value for money since appointing MIGAS. Having apprentices on board is no hassle as we know MIGAS has our back,” said Darren.

Not only do they find us the right candidate, they look after them from start to finish - including managing their training needs. This frees us up to run the business.”

Australia’s first structural steel pipe and tube manufacturer also found comfort in knowing its apprentices were protected from the ebbs and flows of the business cycle through their relationship with MIGAS.

“We all know how unpredictable business is, and noone is immune to that. That’s why we always liked the fact MIGAS would look after these kids and find them alternate positions if absolutely necessary,” said Darren.

It was MIGAS’ ability to delicately balance the needs of both its host employers and apprentices that really stood out to Austube Mills.

“Not only does MIGAS always show up for its apprentices, we know the team has put in the effort to understand our business really and it shows in the support we receive. As a result we will always make time for the MIGAS team, and have been able to develop a really positive partnership over the years,” Darren said.

Austube Mills’ biggest business wins

  • The Australian business is the largest local manufacturer of the widest range of high quality structural steel pipe, tube and open profile sections that are third party certified to the highest AUS/NZ standards.

  • Austube Mills is supported by more than 200 distribution networks across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Austube Mills has played a major part in the steelworks industry in Newcastle and in particular, in the lives and generations of itscitizens since 1934, employing during the 1950s more than 3,000 employees.

  • Austube Mills has spearheaded major developments in the Australian steel pipe and tube industry, most notably becoming the home of DuraGal® - the well respected and recognised brand known for revolutionising the steel market since the 1990s.

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