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Here for you and your apprentice from commencement to completion.

MIGAS provides an end-to-end solution for the recruitment, placement and ongoing management of high quality apprentices and trainees right through to completion.

This solution enables employers to completely outsource the sourcing and ongoing management of their apprentice and trainee workforce for business as usual or special projects.

The group training model is an efficient, low risk and cost effective way of sourcing reliable staff. As a registered and quality certified Group Training Organisation (GTO), MIGAS takes on all relevant employer responsibilities and obligations.

Our employment approach will provide immediate and tangible outcomes for your business through:

  • The provision of a flexible workforce undertaking the relevant accredited training;
  • Workforce scalability to meet project requirements and shifting priorities across multiple sites;
  • Reduced administration, training and employment costs;
  • Alleviation of risks associated with direct employment;
  • Ongoing performance management, employee mentorship and wellbeing support; and
  • Ability to service a geographically spread workforce by leveraging the MIGAS branch network.

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The MIGAS Approach


We know that each organisation has its own unique challenges and capabilities. The MIGAS business development team will consult with you to understand outcomes, timeframes, budget and any nuances around workforce diversity and development.

Recruitment and Selection

Once the brief is clear and the outcomes are determined, MIGAS’ expert recruiters will review our existing candidate pool and launch a campaign to generate high quality applicants for identified positions in the relevant trade types and locations. Suitable candidates are screened and tested, then presented for interview.

Read more about our tried and test recruitment methodology.


Successful applicants are guided through an induction process that highlights relevant procedures and policies alongside health and safety obligations. Each and every apprentice is required to complete MIGAS’ Health and Safety eModule prior to placement. The MIGAS Field Officer is on hand to assist new employees to transition into your workplace or worksite.

Ongoing Support

Your dedicated Field Officer is a direct line of communication to MIGAS. We believe in robust conversations, honesty and transparency – that means we can help deal with issues and set both you and the apprentice and trainee up for success. Fields Officer are there to relieve the pressure of dealing with typical administrative and performance related matters for your apprentice workforce.

MIGAS also provides a free 24/7 counselling service for apprentices and trainees.

Read more about our approach employee wellbeing and support.


Under the Australian apprentice and trainee model individuals undertake an accredited vocational qualification while gaining on the job experience in your workplace. We take on all organisation of these training requirements and ensure you’re aware of time required offsite. Our Field Officers can work with you to customise a training schedule that suits your business and staffing requirements.

Should your work site or project require relevant licences (such as a white card) or specialised tickets, MIGAS will make all arrangements.

Administrative Support

MIGAS’ employer service includes:

  • Handling of all Government paperwork and incentives
  • Complete signup and administration
  • Payroll and timesheets
  • Superannuation
  • Supply of uniforms/boots/basic PPE


Talk to us about a tailored workforce solution for your business

Apprentice and trainee employment

MIGAS provides an end to end solution for the recruitment, placement and ongoing management of high quality apprentices and trainees in skilled trades. Candidates are rigorously screened and tested to ensure their capabilities and attitude match the requirements of the role.

Tailored group employment solutions

The recruitment of work-ready apprentices and trainees can be scaled to meet the needs of large, multi-disciplinary projects or smaller specialist projects. MIGAS will consult with you to determine the preferred employment model, skills mix requirements and timeline.


Managed services supports companies that choose to employ apprentices or trainees direct, but wish to outsource the administrative requirements and compliance obligations. MIGAS provides a streamlined approach to managing the apprentice’s employment arrangement so you can get on with the job at hand.


MIGAS can provide a just-in-time resource for short, mid or long term employment in skilled trades. Labour hire is ideal for ongoing projects or when you need a skilled pair of hands on site as soon as possible.


MIGAS proudly boasts one of the highest completion rates for apprentices and trainees in Australia - and that’s no accident. We invest in developing apprenticeship talent through professional development programs to grow problem solving skills, productive behaviours and effective career skills that build confidence and set them on a path of success.


MIGAS is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer which means we treat people on their merits at every stage of the recruitment process. We work to encourage the increased participation of women and Indigenous populations in skilled trades. We believe investing in a diverse workplace creates an engaged, sustainable workforce.

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