Parmalat Case Study




Teaming up with MIGAS represented a new beginning for the company’s Nambour Factory, who previously recruited and managed their own apprentices and decided they needed additional support.

“Our apprenticeship program wasn’t meeting the needs of our business, so it’s been a relief to have come so far since welcoming MIGAS on board,” said Parmalat Site Manager Jamie Hargans.

“MIGAS took the time to really understand our business and what we were looking for. The first apprentice they put forward was spot on and we haven’t looked back since,” said Jamie.

Third year fitter and turner apprentice Luke Taylor hit the ground running from day one.

“Luke has such maturity and operates at a level beyond his years. He manages his own workload and is well in line to be offered a role as a tradesman should we have a position available when he completes his apprenticeship,” Jamie said.


Fitter and Turner apprentice, Luke Taylor (centre), represents Parmalat as a 2016 Metal & Engineering Queensland State Finalist in the MIGAS Excellence in Trades Awards.

“It’s been such a positive experience for our particular site we’ve decided to bring another apprentice on through MIGAS as soon as Luke becomes qualified, and ensure we always have an apprentice in one trade or another here.”

Jamie said he had learned first hand the clear advantages of choosing the right Group Training Organisation (GTO).

“Having external input to choose the right person is invaluable, as well as knowing you have additional flexibility and support if it doesn’t turn out to be the right fit,” said Jamie.

“We also like how MIGAS wraps up everything financially into the one basket – it is easier to keep on top of. We’ve found it a very cost effective way to manage our apprentices and of course we like how it frees up time for us to concentrate on running the business.”

What stood out to Jamie was the consistently excellent service provided by MIGAS’ Field Officer.

“It gives us comfort seeing how involved MIGAS stays with both us and Luke as he completes his trade, and how quickly they follow up with us where needed. It is more than just a business to them, they take great care and pride in Luke and always have,” said Jamie.

“I’ve also been impressed with the level of support MIGAS provides to apprentices and trainees across Australia. The awards ceremony they arranged for their top performers blew me away – it was very impressive to see them invest so much energy into these young people’s lives.”